ParksWatch and Trópico Verde formed a partnership in February 2001. Founded in 1999, Trópico Verde is a Guatemalan non-governmental organization dedicated to the defense of the environment, focusing on the protection of Guatemala's wetlands and forests, and disseminating conservation information locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

ParksWatch-Guatemala works to monitor and publicize the condition of the country's protected areas, and to propose strategies for their improvement. It aims to make defending parks a high priority of the Guatemalan government, to hold industries accountable for their impact on the environment, and to raise environmental awareness among the Guatemalan society. Recently, ParksWatch-Guatemala has been focusing efforts on the Maya Biosphere Reserve in Northern Guatemala. The Maya Biosphere Reserve was created in 1990 and became Central America's largest protected area, comprising more than 2 million hectares. The reserve links protected areas in neighboring Belize and Mexico to form the largest intact block of broad-leafed neotropical forest north of the Amazon. It is Guatemala's most important protected area.

ParksWatch-Guatemala is the first comprehensive and independent effort to monitor the progress of conservation efforts in Guatemala. The ParksWatch - Trópico Verde partnership brings together people experienced in both research and advocacy, providing the means to evaluate and publicize the conservation status of Guatemala's beleaguered protected areas.

ParksWatch-Guatemala is under the direction of Carlos Albacete.

Contact Information:

Trópico Verde
Vía 6, 4-25 zona 4
Edificio Castañeda, Oficina 41
Tel: (+502) 339-4225
Fax: (+502) 331- 0487

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